Saturday, 12 August 2017

New Radio Project.

Hi. This is a new blog, and am just testing it. Below is a picture of the Teensy driving the OLED screen and the Si5351. On the screen is a FFT spectrum showing 0-22kHz. More to come!


  1. Go for it Charlie! Nice idea, I should do the same. Your ideas have inspired me, particularly the Teensy audio filter design, and the chance of getting into LTSpice. Never realised the audio libraries in the Teensy were so powerful. Look forward to your updates!

    All the best,

    Tim VK4QP

  2. Hi Charlie, I saw your projects on Youtube.
    I want to follow and try to build too.
    I have Arduino and many parts (as Si5351 board, LCD, etc).
    Can you tell which libraries did you use ?
    Also, do you provide your source code ?
    Thanks and 73, de PY1ZB, Roney

  3. Hi Charlie I have also found your blog I had first signed the schematics from YouTube but this is better I am very curious with teesy will be nice 80 40 20 15 10 meter a little too much maybe nice things to share what did you think of that variable crystal filter how can I change the inpedance with varicap diodes

    73 Martin PD7SSB

  4. Hi wont compile the file teensy...can you share file teensy ssd1306.h..thanks 73

  5. No I can't sorry. I've checked my current IDE and all I have is the Adafruit SSD1306 library. I assume that it what i used back in 2017. Sorry about that.


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