Friday, 24 November 2017

80m SSB Tramping Rig Schematics

Here the are the schematics for the rig. Some parts have not been optimised as per the notes on the schematics.


  1. Maravilha este projeto gostei ,parabens por esta iniciativa.
    Oliveira pu2olt

    1. Obrigado Oliveira. Certamente funcionou bem. 73 Charlie

  2. Dear Mr. Charlie.

    Congratulations for your blog and projects.

    I have question about how do you deal with the harmonics generated by si5351.
    In my circuit, CLK0 generates 9995000 Hz to 10 MHz crystal ladder filter and CLK2 6500000 Hz to mix and get 3.5MHz.
    However, the spectrum has a lot of spurious signals, a high spot at 5.2MHz , harmonics and noise.
    No way to put this signal in a PA...
    Is a 80m BPF after ne612 the only way ?
    Thank you for your attention,
    PU5GIR, 73.


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